The Tyrant With Seven Heads – Keith W Stump – Good News Magazine

The Tyrant With Seven Heads – Keith W Stump – Good News Magazine

The Tyrant With Seven Heads

Here is the beast with seven heads – two millennia before John wrote the book of Revelation! Satan is the world’s great counterfeiter and plagiarist! From ancient times, he has appropriated and perverted biblical doctrines, events and symbols and employed them for his own devious purposes. Read here a dramatic example uncovered by archaeology. The seven-headed Beast, In chapter 13 of the book of Revelation, the apostle John records that he stood, in vision, by the shore of the sea. “And I saw a beast rising up out of the sea, having seven heads,” says John (verse 1). Here, about A.D. 96, God showed John, in vision, the great world-ruling gentile kingdoms of history, represented as a seven-headed Beast rising from the sea. Another view of the Beast, at a late stage in history, is described in Revelation 17. (Read our free booklet Who Is The Beast? for full details.) …

The Tyrant With Seven Heads

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About Herbert W Armstrong

Herbert W. Armstrong (July 31, 1892 – January 16, 1986) founded the Worldwide Church of God in the late 1930s, as well as Ambassador College in 1946, and was an early pioneer of radio and tele-evangelism, originally taking to the airwaves in the 1930s from Eugene, Oregon. Mr. Armstrong preached an eclectic set of theological doctrines and teachings that came directly from the Bible. His teachings included the interpretation of biblical prophecy and taught observance of God’s Laws, Sabbath (Saturday), and the Biblical “Holy Days”.
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