Preparing for the Ministry – Robert G Morton – Study Tools

Preparing for the Ministry – Robert G Morton – Study Tools

Preparing for the Ministry

The purpose of this course is to help the leading men in God’s Church to become more effective leaders in their congregations and to provide them with the knowledge they need to assist their Pastor in a spiritual capacity as they qualify. The first section of the course covering Preparation for Leadership can easily be adapted and given to an entire congregation as a series of sermons prior to the selection of those men who, by their fruits, have shown they can be developed into the type of spiritual leaders God’s Church is going to need in increasing numbers in the future. …

Preparing for the Ministry

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About Herbert W Armstrong

Herbert W. Armstrong (July 31, 1892 – January 16, 1986) founded the Worldwide Church of God in the late 1930s, as well as Ambassador College in 1946, and was an early pioneer of radio and tele-evangelism, originally taking to the airwaves in the 1930s from Eugene, Oregon. Mr. Armstrong preached an eclectic set of theological doctrines and teachings that came directly from the Bible. His teachings included the interpretation of biblical prophecy and taught observance of God’s Laws, Sabbath (Saturday), and the Biblical “Holy Days”.
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