Put CHRIST Back in Christmas? – Garner Ted Armstrong – Plain Truth Magazine

Put CHRIST Back in Christmas? – Garner Ted Armstrong – Plain Truth Magazine

Put CHRIST Back in Christmas?

“Put CHRIST back in CHRIST-MAS” urge church leaders – but was He ever really IN it? You would be SHOCKED if you knew the PLAIN TRUTH ABOUT CHRISTMAS! PEACE ON EARTH-GOOD WILL TOWARD MEN!” may sound a little shop-worn this year – in view of Viet Nam, The Congo, Cuba, The Berlin Wall, and the smoldering hatreds between Turkish and Greek Cypriots, Jews and Arabs, Indonesians and Malaysians, Chinese and Russians, Blacks and Whites, Communists and Capitalists, Rightists and Leftists, Liberals and Conservatives. What a divided world! What chaos! But in the Western world of Christianity, many millions will take temporary time out from their usual activities to become submerged in the flood tide of annual Christmas shopping, traffic jams, parties, and exchanging of gifts. Somehow – all the clamor, noise, confusion and commercialism is supposed to have something to do with Christ’s birthday. But does it, really? …

Put CHRIST Back in Christmas?

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About Herbert W Armstrong

Herbert W. Armstrong (July 31, 1892 – January 16, 1986) founded the Worldwide Church of God in the late 1930s, as well as Ambassador College in 1946, and was an early pioneer of radio and tele-evangelism, originally taking to the airwaves in the 1930s from Eugene, Oregon. Mr. Armstrong preached an eclectic set of theological doctrines and teachings that came directly from the Bible. His teachings included the interpretation of biblical prophecy and taught observance of God’s Laws, Sabbath (Saturday), and the Biblical “Holy Days”.
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