Right or Wrong WHO DECIDES – Ambassador College Production – Special Topics

Right or Wrong WHO DECIDES – Ambassador College Production – Special Topics

Right or Wrong WHO DECIDES

Scandals in government, industry and religion have captured considerable media attention of late. More sad stories of corruption, greed and moral laxity seem to appear each day. We expect our leaders to be better than we are. When they’re not, we’re always surprised. But are their moral lapses exceptions to the rule, or are they symptoms of a crisis at the heart of our societies? The fact is that the line between right and wrong has become so blurred today that many people wonder if there is a difference anymore. The biblical prophet Isaiah described our moral confusion perfectly: “We look for light, but there is darkness! For brightness, but we walk in blackness! We grope for the wall like the blind, and we grope as if we had no eyes; we stumble at noonday as at twilight…” (Isaiah 59:9-10). The articles in this brochure take a frank look at where our moral blindness is leading us and what we, as individuals and as societies, can do about it. …

Right or Wrong WHO DECIDES

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About Herbert W Armstrong

Herbert W. Armstrong (July 31, 1892 – January 16, 1986) founded the Worldwide Church of God in the late 1930s, as well as Ambassador College in 1946, and was an early pioneer of radio and tele-evangelism, originally taking to the airwaves in the 1930s from Eugene, Oregon. Mr. Armstrong preached an eclectic set of theological doctrines and teachings that came directly from the Bible. His teachings included the interpretation of biblical prophecy and taught observance of God’s Laws, Sabbath (Saturday), and the Biblical “Holy Days”.
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